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Observed: 22nd September 2012 By: LinhurstLinhurst’s reputation in InvertebratesLinhurst’s reputation in Invertebrates

The Pyracantha leaf was about 35mm from the main steam to the tip. The caterpillar was about 20mm but was arched so if flat would be a bit longer. As you will see the vivid greenish yellow strip along the back, bright orange lines on each segment, very long hairs and web all make for a very interesting caterpillar. I found it while pruning the Pyracantha it was feeding on.

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Grey Dagger (Acronicta psi) caterpillar

Thank you so much for the ID, now I know what name to search for I have found lots of photos (using Google) of both the caterpillar and the adult moth. I was not sure whether the distinctive horn just behind the head was normal (or some sort of strange growth) but now I know it was meant to be like that. Thanks again.