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Hawker spp (39)

Observed: 22nd September 2012 By: palmerlepalmerle’s reputation in Invertebratespalmerle’s reputation in Invertebrates
Hawker spp (39)
Hawker spp (8)
Hawker spp (5)

Lots of these holding territory and mating at a large pond in a woodland in Pontypridd. Looking at the images I can’t work out if they are migrant or southern hawkers – or possibly both!

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pesky things hanging around

pesky things hanging around together!

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ID Comment

The hawkers in images 1 and 2 have narrow antehumeral stripes on top of the thorax and yellow costa (leading edge to the wings) = Common Hawker

In image 3 the hawker has wide antehumeral stripes and fused abdominal spots (effectively bars) on segments 9 and 10 = Southern Hawker.

There are other distinguishing features as well.

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thanks for that, i'll go

thanks for that, i'll go through the other 41 images now and double check them!