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"phantom midge" larvae (Chaoborus)

Observed: 16th September 2012 By: Marfie
"phantom midge" larvae (Chaoborus)

One of the things taken from a decent sized pond by net. Small - max=1cm. Main body transparent. The pond has Reeds and Lilies. The pond is in a clearing within trees next to the river Aire.
I agree with the identification having now seen images for "phantom midge" larvae (Chaoborus)

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As with all transparent

As with all transparent animals the eyes and the gut end up being coloured. The eye has to be coloured otherwise it could not absorb light - so H G Wells' invisible man should have been visible by seeing his eyes - rather off putting.

From a distant memory I think that Chaorbus can alter its bouyancy mvoing uo and down the water column following prey