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Hedgehog scats

Observed: 2nd May 2010 By: KluutKluut’s reputation in MammalsKluut’s reputation in Mammals

Just a selection of hedgehog droppings from the garden - the coin is a 1p - diameter 20mm.
They can also be substantially smaller/thinner.
The only possible confusion in the huge majority of gardens in particular would be with wood-pigeon droppings, but bird droppings invariably have a white urate cap or streak.
They sedom contain much that is recognisable except insect exoskeleton but they will eat birds (especially nestlings from nests built low in a hedge), and I don't think they'd refuse a dead mouse, or their young if they found them, so the occasional scat with feathers or fur is to be expected.

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Hedgehog droppings

I agree for all the reasons given.

Graham Banwell

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