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Common Gull?

Observed: 9th July 2012 By: KarenPKarenP’s reputation in BirdsKarenP’s reputation in BirdsKarenP’s reputation in Birds
Common Gull
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....black tips no mirrors (Common Gull) - leg colour would have been a giveaway.

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This is a 1st summer gull (one in the 1st summer after it hatched - so 1 year old). At this age the primaries, and many of the other feathers in the wing, are retained juvenile feathers which is why they look so worn - so would not show white 'mirrors' at the tip.

The extent of the dark markings on the wings, including extensively brown tertials, and the lack of any suggestion of a dark spot behind the eye or a grey wash or dark mark on the collar, point to Common Gull (which can be as delicate looking as this individual).

I don't really like the use of the name 'Mew Gull', which I personally feel is better used specifically to refer to the North American subspecies (which is sometimes afforded full species status).