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Wild carrot

Observed: 26th August 2012 By: Joanne
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Wild carrot
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Wild carrot

This has the long bracts that eventually enclose the seedheads - you can see them in the photo. Hogweed doesn't do this.

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Daucas carota

has distinctive bracts, which are visible in the photograph above, which easily distinguishes it from hogweed. Also, the umbells close up in fruit (hence the alternative name of "bird's nest"), again as visible in the photograph above.

Wild carrot often has a single coloured flower in the centre of the umbel. (But this is not always present.)

Wild carrot leaves are more dissected that hogweed leaves - they're more likely to be confused with cow parsley than with hogweed.

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Thank you for your responses

Thank you for your responses !