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? sea campion

Observed: 18th April 2010 By: Hev B
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Mat forming plant on sea cliffs

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Sea Campion

Did you see this in April? Both Sea and Bladder Campion usually flower from June to August. The habitat you describe and the photo itself are indicative of Sea Campion rather than Bladder - but in April?

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Sea campion

Yes we thought it was early, but we had also seen the same plant in Pembroke 2 weeks before. Couldnt think of anything else it would be.

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Silene uniflora

In general the "jizz" of S. uniflora is different from that of S. vulgaris as in the latter the petals are much more deeply notched, often almost down to the base. However once you're close, look at the bracts. If they are herbaceous (ie green) then it's S. uniflora, if they're scarious then you have S. vulgaris.

Chris Metherell
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