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Copse snail

Observed: 23rd September 2012 By: em663
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Thanks David

Thank you. I tend to miss this as a possibility, perhaps because my field guide shows it completely pale with no mottling.

Do you think that it would be a possible id for this mystery specimen?


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The snail in the front of the

The snail in the front of the picture is differernt from that behind and looks like Trochulus striolatus.

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the snail in front

agree, this is different

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Should have been clearer

...that I meant the central snail, sorry for confusion!

I'm glad you suggested Trochulus striolatus for that one. I wasn't sure if the colouration supported that identification.

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Field guides

yes often field guide plates are based on empty shells, without the body contents, naturally where the shell is translucent, give a different appearance from the live animal.

Sorry I can't say what the snail shown in your link is. Several views can be helpful for identifying difficult specimens, if you have any more images of the same individual you can add to this observation? Ideally dorsal view, ventral view (showing umbilicus) and full on to mouth aperture are desirable.

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I have returned to the site I

I have returned to the site I saw this one a couple of times in the hopes of doing exactly that, but sadly it's remained elusive. Hopefully I will bump into it again one day!

Thanks ~Erica

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never mind

keep on snailing!