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Tentative ID for copper brittlegill in Co Durham

Observed: 23rd September 2012 By: Yazz2
tentative copper brittlegill

7 cm diameter, warm yellow cap, peachy cream spore print, gills staining black, stem staining grey, cap bruising grey/brown. Taste mild. Skin peeled 1cm when fresh, now peels halfway.


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Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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I have agreed as you have said might be I have found a few fungi recently which say restricted to highlands or similar habitat,my area is north-west of Hexham and that is rather similar to Hamsterley forest which I know quite well.


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tricky IDs

It's interesting that you also get 'Highland' species in Hexham. I wonder if fungi suffer from under reporting? This is the only yellow russula in my book that stains black, but I was wondering if there were others that the book didn't cover. I'll keep an eye out for more now I have my eye in!

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I would say Flaxton is probably right with Russula claroflava.

I found Pholiota flammans on re planted conifer wood it was planted about 5 years ago I found on cluster at the base of a stump but have now found more in other woods were I live this is said to be rare and restricted Culbin forest Morayshire and a couple of other types too.I do think they are under recorded so don't always discount an identification because of location.
Good luck on finding more fungi one you get started you will become hooked as it is a fascinating subject


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Aha, could well be - my first

Aha, could well be - my first reaction was that it was one of the common yellow russulas - I'd picked it to eat. I've come across russula claroflava before but never noticed the staining. More vigilance required in future

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russula claroflava tends to

russula claroflava tends to be bright yellow whereas most of the other yellow ones are more dull, it also has a fairly distinctive habitat, often with birch in damp places.

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Ah, if I picked it near birch (one of the 2 places I picked from) the ground was very wet. I'm planning to go back on Sunday. We've had rain so hopefully more will be out