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Sparrowhawk - female 1. Garden. 24 September 2012

Observed: 24th September 2012 By: JEFF COWIEJEFF COWIE’s reputation in Birds
Sparrowhawk - female 1. Garden. 24 September 2012
Sparrowhawk - female 2. Garden. 24 September 2012

Thanks to all who posted. Image title has now been updated.

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Two things tell you

Two things tell you immediately that this is neither a Merlin nor a Kestrel (both falcons). First the yellow eye (falcons all have a dark eye), and the short wings (falcons have long ones).



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This is a juvenile Sparrowhawk, with broad buff edges to the upperpart feathers. As such, it could be a male or a female, and only when it starts to moult will that become obvious. At this age, apart from size, they are very similar.


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