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There isn't a habitat category appropriate for a variety of urban microhabitats, such as pavements, street gutters, electricity substations, abandoned carparks and factory sites, walls, etc.

Where urban grass verges goes is also unclear - parks and gardens? grassland?



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add it

This was discussed a while ago and the furthest we got was the tag near location which say's rural or urban.I always add a bit about location when I put the details of my observation on as some are rather vague but were would it end there would be so many.I can find something that is really in three locations a fungi in grass near a wood by the stream so what do I pick as it is in all three.I know what you mean they should have one as waste land or industrial land


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Yes a brownfield/wasteland

Yes a brownfield/wasteland habitat would be useful.

Any reason why it was never added to the options ?

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Agree but ....

Old debate this one. Have a trawl through the forum threads and you will find much discussion on it.