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20120923_22 Narrow-winged Pug NH673983

Observed: 23rd September 2012 By: Helen Mainwood
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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20120923_21 Narrow-winged Pug NH673983
20120923_22 Narrow-winged Pug NH673983

Small caterpillar, pinkish in colour with striking white markings. Found on heather.

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Many thanks. Certainly looks

Many thanks. Certainly looks like one of the ones on UK Moths.The fact they come in a variety of colours is confusing!

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Change of identity

I also sent the photo to Roy Leverton who has identified it as Narrow-winged Pug. Heather is its food plant.

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Helen, just had a look at

just had a look at Narrow winged larva on ukleps and I think Roy may well be right, he probably is. It isnt unlike Lime-speck pug at all but possibly just that bit more like Narrow winged.

What do you think yourself? Check out the images on ukleps, it brilliant for caterpillars.


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Have looked at ukleps. I am a

Have looked at ukleps. I am a total novice in this field and they do look very similar. I would certainly go with Roy's judgement - the white seems narrower on the Narrow-winged with the pink showing up more as a result. Also the fact it was found on heather which is definitely Narrow-winged's food plant would appear to confirm this ID.
Like the look of the ukleps website, but what does one do if one has no idea what caterpillar one has found? Can't see how it lends itself to this.


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Good to get clarification

Good to get clarification Helen. Its been a while now but the larva are fairly similar looking as far as I can remember. I have barely scratched the surface of the pug larvae area. Still struggling with the bigger cats!