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I agree, but you need to edit and change the species name to a double 'l', like the genus name.


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I looked it up and that was

I looked it up and that was the spelling that I found. Have looked further and as you say 'll'.

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Hi vm3846,Nice to see Lythe

Hi vm3846,
Nice to see Lythe being used on iSpot. Saw it written in a very old natural history book in Irish once, spelt Laithe but exact same pronounciation. Til that I had always thought it sounded just as youve written but without a Y in the gaelic alphabet it had to be another spelling originally.

Good to keep the older names in use, they are less used as time goes on what with all these text books and websites actually knowing the proper English!

I must see if I can track down that old book as its full of old Gaelic names for fish and all sorts of things.


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Hi Cathall, Sounds an

Hi Cathall,

Sounds an interesting book. Hope you find it.