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Recent Peregrine activity.

Observed: 7th October 2012 By: nightflynightfly’s reputation in Birdsnightfly’s reputation in Birdsnightfly’s reputation in Birds
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I was back at this spot again yesterday. The main mess of feathers and hawberries is still there and very wet. There was but one dry tail feather still present, it had been rescued from the wind by getting stuck in vegetation. It isnt one of the large central feathers, looks like it might be one of the outermost tail feathers. 18cms.

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Tail feathers?

Hi Cathal

do you have any photos with the distinctive tail feathers which would help clinch this as a woodpigeon.

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Hi David,I only thought of

Hi David,

I only thought of that when I was viewing my pics on returning home. There were tail feathers aplenty there. I think it had been plucked not long before I found it as it was quite windy but clumps of breast feathers were still sitting there and hadnt been dispersed. The carcass was gone and no sign of blood so it probably wasnt eaten there. I should have photographed the tail feathers. Im fairly familiar with woody feathers, these were woody alright, not racer.


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Thanks - definitely WP