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Rhingia campestris?

Observed: 21st September 2012 By: TreehillTreehill’s reputation in Invertebrates
Rhingia campestris_1

It seems to have a funny snout. It is a rather small hoverfly. It was on a late single pink crysanthemum (Mary Stoker).

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This one looks like it has a snout because its mouthparts are extended while it is feeding. Rhingia has a permanent 'snout' whether it is feeding or not, and it's a bit larger, with an orange abdomen. I often see them in September but no later than that, so might have to wait for next year now.

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I see that you have opted towards Melanostoma scalare. While it could be that, most people would not try to go to species from a photo where the abdominal pattern is not at all clear. There are some very similar species, and even the two genuses mentioned are sometimes hard to tell apart, which is why leaving it vague is the better option. Many (probably most) flies have to be left without a specific identification, from a photo.

Incidentally, it is not a Soldier-fly. They are a totally different group of flies, with different wing venation to hoverflies.

Hopefully, you'll get more photos of hoverflies...a really interesting family of bright flies, many of which are common and attractive (and addictive, once you start looking for them!).


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