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Leaf miner on white clover leaf

Observed: 22nd September 2012 By: Jonathan
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Trifolium leaf miner
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Clover miner

There is a slight issue with the Dutch site from a GB perspective and that is the focus on records from across Europe. The UKFly mines site indicates that Chromatomyia horticola has not been recorded from Clover in Britain. That is not to say that the mine shown here is not Chromatomyia horticola, but to identify it as such would need breeding evidence. A view of the frass pattern would be useful as it might point to Liriomyza congesta, a species associated with a range of Fabaceae.

Robert Homan

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There was very little frass

I take you point. I still find the site the most useful one from a beginner's perspective because the keys are reasonably easy to use.

There was very little frass that I could see. It certainly does not appear to form the conspicuous masses seen in Liriomyza congesta on the Dutch site.If you look at the pic in full res this should be evident.

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)