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Bee or Wasp Nest? No! Bee (Wax) Moth

Observed: 20th September 2012 By: AlurophileAlurophile’s reputation in InvertebratesAlurophile’s reputation in Invertebrates
Upper Nest
Lower nest
Opened cell with case
Part pupal case
Opened emptied cell

This nest was firmly attached to the underside of a ridged tile which had been lying on the soil, under a wooden box. The cells are irregular & I'm guessing that they are one of the bees or wasps. Any information would be appreciated.
The nest is soft & somewhat pliable & extremely strong, sharp scissors being necessary to cut open the cells. Inside the cells are the pupal case, some very small dark frass-like particles & sometimes tiny white crystals. The nest was empty in mid-summer but was not necessarily of this year.

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Thank you for that speedy id.

Thank you for that speedy id. I can see many similar things now I know what it is. What an amazing thing! So huge a conglomeration.