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Observed: 22nd September 2012 By: foxyfoxy’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensfoxy’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
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Found on rootbase of a living Blackthorn, about 30mm diameter and 30m high.
My second examination today was as follows it was dry and styem is stringy, smelt and tasted very acrid ,no juices of any kind .


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This is worth keeping an eye

This is worth keeping an eye on. It could be a young Phaeolepiota aurea - not seen too often.

More pictures please.

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Unknown fungi

Try Bol luridus var luridus

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I would look at gymnopilus

I would look at gymnopilus spectablis.

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Gymnopilus spectablis.

I think flaxtons suggestion is nearest to what I see on the ground.I will post more photos shortly.


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