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A Rose by Any Other Name

Observed: 20th September 2012 By: Ray Turner
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Checking my berries for the BTOs Winter Thrush Survey, I am no botanist so very much need to check.

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Dog Rose

Looks like a bog standard Rosa canina. (fallen sepals, small stylar orifice, no glands or hairs).


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Dog Rose It Is Then

Now you have lost me - sepals, stylar orifices, glands. Which bit of I’m no botanist did not compute ... LOL.

Seriously, thanks for the information. I quick glance at my Colins Flower Guide told me there are a number of roses so thought it best to leave it to an expert.



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Helpful comments

But it does help others when cicuta58 explains the reasons behind the ID. Google can help with definitions if terms are unfamiliar and a good ID guide is not available.

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Of Course

Absolutely agree Landgirl, I was just being light-hearted. You should see some of the conversations we birders get into.