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Observed: 21st September 2012 By: KelsaeJohnKelsaeJohn’s reputation in PlantsKelsaeJohn’s reputation in PlantsKelsaeJohn’s reputation in PlantsKelsaeJohn’s reputation in Plants

These look like elderberries but the leaves confuse me. Any ideas?

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The leaves look OK for elder (pinnate, mostly with 5 broad leaflets). It's the trailing habit of the stems that looks a bit odd to me - elder stems tend to be rather erect - but I'd just put that down as a weak-stemmed mutation, or perhaps that I'm not seeing the whole bush.

The jizz does look a little off, but I can't say whether this is down to the leaves, or the habit. Was there anything in particular that struck you as odd in respect to the leaves? (Features visible to the naked eye doesn't always make it into photos.)

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The leaves looked glossy to me and I wondered if there was an elder growing behind/through it. They/it were growing on the edge of woodland but behind a hedge so I couldn't get closer.