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Observed: 16th September 2012 By: sold37
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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This plant was quite common in Epping Forest. I was walking for over 1 hour there and found quite a few of these plants.

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Hi Susan, A close up of the

Hi Susan,

A close up of the leaves and stem would be good to confirm it's erucifolius rather than jacobaea or squalidus. However, I haven't studied Ragworts much - so one of the more experienced site users may be able to confirm one way or the other from this photo!

One minor point to bear in mind when using I-Spot - when you add an identification it's worth using the drop down species list and then clicking on the "Get recommended" button to get the current name - the correct spelling of the genus here is Senecio.


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This could also be Senecio aquaticus or the hybrid S. x ostenfeldii, but I don't think it is possible to tell the species. S. erucifolius usually looks neater.