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Upright yellow sorrel

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procumbent or upright?

It's not exactly procumbent either.

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Stace says that in O. corniculata, the pedicels are patent or reflexed in fruit, while in O. stricta they are upright. I think the photo fits the former description better. This is a weed in part of my garden but I'm not familiar with the upright species.

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I take your point

about the pedicels, and there is also the point about umbellate versus cymose inflorescences.

I've had another look at the plant, and taken a couple of more photographs. It is not rooting at nodes, and this is not just because it's growing over rocks. I tried keying it out in Poland and ended up with Oxalis dillenii (which is intermediate between Oxalis corniculata and Oxalis stricta).
I also have Oxalis corniculata as a weed, and this looks different. But further reading tells me that Oxalis corniculata is variable, beyond the distinction between the green and purple-leaved forms.

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Please post pictures of the

Please post pictures of the other plant you think is Oxalis corniculata.
You need a hand lens to see the white patchs on Oxalis dillenii.
BTW: The rooting at the nodes character is rather variable, but both O. strica and dillenii are much more erect that the plants in your photos!

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I do agree that your plant looks different to the usual form. It looks quite purplish in the photos, O. dillenii only has green leaves - not sure how significant the purple flush is. The only other clue is that apparently the seeds have white patches in O. dillenii - how good is your eyesight?!