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Eggs, lizard? (added via Android)

Observed: 20th September 2012 By: ajb785
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The other name for Common

The other name for Common Lizard is Viviperous Lizard as it gives birth to live young so Common Lizard eggs are about as common as hen's teeth

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Interestingly, there are some

Interestingly, there are some populations of 'viviparous lizards' in the pyrenees which do lay eggs. Never in the UK though.

You should move the observation to invertebrates using the edit table.

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Egg layers

culprits look to be in both pictures ..... Looks like an Arion

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My wife and kids saw creatures which they described as lizards scurrying awayfrom and aaround the ese eggs when they first saw them, hence my initial id. However, given the number of slugs in the vicinity I think the slug is the more likely!
Thanks for your help