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Ink plant?

Observed: 6th September 2012 By: poppetpoppet’s reputation in Plants

Weed in the park. I heard someone calling it 'ink plant'. I would like to know what it is. Mature berries are deep purple and stain your hands when crushed.

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Likely to be Phytolacca acinosa "Indian Pokeweed".
I grow this plant in my garden where it has more or less naturalized. I love it, it flowers well(greenish white-reddish erect racemes) but then produces these gorgeous fruits which last well into the winter,the foliage also colours up in autumn.I assume it is spread by birds but my first plant was planted.

David J Trevan

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Thanks landgirl, anyone knows

Thanks landgirl,
anyone knows (possible) species? is this a common weed in England?

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Thank you david - i think it

Thank you david - i think it is a lovely plant, too!