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Dormouse (deceased)

Observed: 19th September 2012 By: mjhmjh’s reputation in Mammalsmjh’s reputation in Mammals

Found dead on the garden path: one of the local cats is the prime suspect. Rather sad, as I've never seen a live one.

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What a shame - you may want

What a shame - you may want to send the pictures to the Mammal Society and Wildlife Trust who could use it to demonstrate the problems free ranging cats cause

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Impact of cats on wildlife

I Tweeted this a couple of days ago:
Of all alien mammals in Europe, domestic cat (F. catus) is having 2nd greatest impact on threatened species! (Table 1) http://tinyurl.com/dy2jgc6
(American mink has the highest impact.)

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Cat predation

Comments noted, but I can't be entirely certain that a cat was the culprit. Circumstantial evidence only!