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Sundew plant

Observed: 19th September 2012 By: grey georgegrey george’s reputation in Plantsgrey george’s reputation in Plants

Whole plants are about 3" in diameter, the stems are just over 1mm thick with the pad 6mm x 3mm in an oval shape. They seem o be growing in the old ruts left by a vehicle, which I guess are a bit damper than the surrounding heath.
(Have changed to Drosera intermedia because the pads were not round, but it maybe Anglica)

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Hi George, The leaves seem

Hi George,

The leaves seem too elongate for Drosera rotundfolia? I am no expert on them and I will gladly be corrected but I think this might be Drosera intermedia, the Oblong leaved sundew?

Aka D. anglica, though I think intermedia is the right one.


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Yes you may be right, I also thought it maybe Drosera anglica the English or Great Sundew. As there are 194 species I opted for the common one and hoped someone would have greater knowledge.

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I have confused intermedia

I have confused intermedia and anglica it seems as one species. On one website I looked at the Oblong Leaved Sundew was given the scientific name D. anglica.

I have only ever looked at round leaved, oblong leaved and great sundew before, think Ive photgraphed all 3 of these.

I think this is intermedia, the leaves on rotundfolia I have seen before are as round as a penny and these are the much more oval shape. As far as I know the 3 species Ive mentioned here are the only 3 I am likely to see in Ireland, but as I said I am far from an expert on them.


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