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Butterbur - wetland loving plant

Observed: 30th April 2010 By: tweeter
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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In a damp woodland edge on a flood plain I found about 20m2 of this exotic looking plant. It has large, broad leaves and flower bearing spikes with numerous small pinkish-white flower buds.

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Flower spikes?

The flower spikes of all the common species and varieties of Petasites are normally highly congested, the individual flowers being at least reasonably tightly packed on the stem.

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Flower spikes

There's a difference between male and female flower spikes in Butterbur (P. hybridus). In Britain most butterbur is male, with compact spikes as described by Kluut. The spikes shown in tweeter's picture must be female, I think. I have seen ones like this in Derbyshire, but not in the south of England.

Antony Galton