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Unidentified poo!

Observed: 19th September 2012 By: pufflefish
Unidentified scat

This was found on top of a Longworth Trap in a fen habitat in South Wales. Not at all sure what it could be from - any ideas?


No identification made yet.

Species interactions

No interactions present.


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Stoat or weasel

Typical thin twists of stoats weasels if the trap was not srung the suggest stoat as weasel would investigate and get caught

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Not a Vole

I am certain it isn't one of the vole species, their faeces are usually small and short, though not rounded much. I also agree with Derek, sometimes Stoats and Weasels come inside to see where the voles/mice have been when the traps are set in prebait and I have heard about Weasels getting caught in Longworth Traps.

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