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Holes in my lawn

Observed: 10th April 2012 By: Tomnoscar
Holes in my lawn

I found these holes in my lawn in Suffolk. There were several similar holes, some seemingly quite deep, other more shallow. I suspect they might be from a Green Woodpecker feeding. Can anyone confirm this or suggest an alternative, please?

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I had holes in my lawn too, where I'd planted bulbs, this was definitely the squirrels though...


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Field Mouse home

I have some in my garden too, and have seen the resident using them. It's a field mouse (or if that area is on a slope it's possibly a bank vole).

The mouse holes always come in pairs, but the voles usually come in a group of 3, a couple of feet apart.

If you have the patience(and the time) leave a peanut by the hole at dusk and watch. :-)