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Sometype of earwig?

Observed: 4th August 2012 By: tormentil2010tormentil2010’s reputation in Invertebrates
Some type of earwig?
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Just wondering could it a

Just wondering could it a Platydracus rather than a Staphylinus

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I wondered the same thing

I wondered the same thing also, having trawled through some rove beetle obs yesterday to find a likeness for one I saw at the weekend. I think one feature of platydracus which differs from staphylinus is the head shape, the former being very flat at the rear and sharp angled either side of the rear of the head. Staphylinus is more rounded- this was pointed out by Syrphus in a former observation.

Hard enough to see the entire head shape above?

Edit- I believe enough of the head is just visible to say that the rear of the head is quite rounded and points towards Staphylinus. Small triangular scutellum behind the thorax may also indicate Staphylinus.


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Close to Staphylinus

Close to Staphylinus caesareus


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I think this is Platydracus,

I think this is Platydracus, but the head shape is not clear. The scutellum looks black, so no pointer to the very common S. erythropterus, and there is no yellow hairing on the head and thorax so caesareus and dimidiaticornis seem to be excluded. All these beetles have a small triangular scutellum - what is important is the colour. Best left at the family, I think.



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