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Monster Moth

Observed: 12th September 2012 By: 17September

At 06.00h, when it was still completely dark, a huge moth came to the kitchen window. The body was about 10cm long, somewhat like a wasp, with yellow and brown/black circular stripes. The head was broader than the body, and just below the head were two yellow pads, looking like breasts. The wingspan must have been the width of my outstretched hand. I could not see the top of the wings, which were a nondescript grey/brown colour, but the underwings were a pale orange/pink colour. It made a loud noise as it was battering against the window, somewhat like a few bumble-bees together. My camera was not nearby, hence I have no photo to send. I looked in the only available insect book but nothing of this size was mentioned. Can you help?
Thank you

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Monster moth

I suspect it was a Death's-head Hawk-moth. Type Acherontia atropos into a search engine and you will find numerous pictures.

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Didn't see your comment before adding the suggestion! But I agree that this is the most likely ID!