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Observed: 15th September 2012 By: gramandy
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Disappeared from West Bay at end of March/April and have reappeared now (5/6months later) on promenade West Bay. Interestingly most of this gang have only 1 leg and hop around quite successfully. This makes the return of this group a bit easier for recognition.

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One legged Redshanks...

Nice joke, I might use that one myself :)

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one legged...

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It's one thing to hop around one-legged on a concrete pier, but not on a mud flat! I think they have duped you! ;)


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It's no joke.

I was there on 5th & 6th Oct, spotted the same flock of redshanks at West Bay. Honestly, they hopped on one leg. I thoguht it was strange, but saw it on my second day there, really funny too see them hopping. Skip, skip, skip....