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Spider - strange behaviour?

Observed: 21st August 2012 By: pwb756
hanging spider

Spotted amongst passion flowers at dusk. At first I thought the spider was dead - the higher one definitely is! It then moved and splayed it's legs. It looked as if it were 'fishing' and I assumed it had killed and eaten some of the other spider. Could this be a female having killed it's mate or just a clever hunter. Other photos on request.

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This is a nice shot of a

This is a nice shot of a spider drying and hardening its skin (exoskeleton) having just shed its old skin (the 'dead' spider at the top of the photo)

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Thank you

Many thanks for that ID, and there was me thinking it was something more sinister, however have never seen it before, glad I got a few shots, no wonder it was 'hanging out to dry' Regards Paul