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BTO's winter thrushes survey

The British Trust for Ornithology is launching a survey of thrushes in winter, aimed at finding out more about how over-wintering thrushes use their habitats and food sources.

Observers will be invited to set up routes, based loosely on 1-km squares, for repeated winter walks. Locations of all thrushes observed, with their habitat and activity will be recordable online on a map of the survey route. Walks can be made at any time from mid September to mid April.

For more information see the BTO website:

BTO also have an video showing the key differences between two thrush species, Redwing and Fieldfare, see:

For further help on thrush identification see iSpot!

BTO says "All six thrush species have shown worrying signs of decline over the last 40 years, either in the UK or across Europe, and we are keen to find out why. Your reports of Redwings, Fieldfares and other thrushes can tell us more about the habitats used and the importance of food resources, such as berries, in surviving through until spring."



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Mine has just arrived through the post with my BTO magazine .I see there are three components I think berry colour does make a difference as my birds are not keen on white berries unless they were my white currants which the blackbirds stripped bare even the young ones were jumping up off the ground to get them it was rather entertaining to watch.I have had a large flock of Fieldfares over the past two weeks and they have already stripped all the nearby Rowen- Sorbus aucuparia I don't think there are as many berries about this year maybe those late spring frosts have something to do with it.



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Different Survey

Sheila the stuff we got in the post is a related but different survey, Birds and Garden Berries study and is related to the Garden BirdWatch study.

The survey Martin is referring to is targeted specificity at the thrush species (plus Starlings and Waxwings). The first link provided by Martin will tell you all about it.



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Thanks Ray

Good job you told me better look at the on- line one.