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Weaver/weever fish.

Observed: 15th September 2012 By: nightflynightfly’s reputation in Fishnightfly’s reputation in Fishnightfly’s reputation in Fish
15-16 Sept 12 (63)
15-16 Sept 12 (33)
15-16 Sept 12 (42)
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Shifting Likely

Well yes, The ID Panel is Flawed, we should ALL get into the habit of NOT agreeing to a flawed panel. It turns out, often, that Likely is VERY hard to shift afterwards.
Once likely has shifted to the renewed ID then this post will behave normally.
It is hard to fathom WHY the first ID has not worked properly, this is usually the result of a misspelling. May I suggest that in 2012, this fish was not in the UKSI dictionary?
Who cares - why not shift your agreements?
Cathal add Marine as a tag. Also ProjectM1 so as to get into the >>Marines Gallery<<

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Former name

Though MarLIN gives Trachinus vipera as 'recent synonym', I can only find it in a 1972 observers book of fishes so it's odd.
Getting 6 people to switch agreement is a lot easier said than done,eg the 2 dabs case of forum , but I could mention it there also (my preference would be to delete & repost in these circumstances).