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"spot on"

It seems that I cannot give a "spot on".

Is that perhaps because none of my fish has been verified yet?
The following user was not sure about an identification, which I would like to confirm.

I made a comment, is there a way to give a spot-on?




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spot on

You're correct, to give a spot-on you first have to have some reputation in the group in question (i.e. at least one of your own observations should have received a spot-on). Part of the problem here is that iSpot is targeted at the UK for now, although we hope to expand its range in future and are very happy to see your photos on the site.

We are shortly due to review how the reputation/spot-on system is working, so will see if we can find a solution to this. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.


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I agree

I guess Spot on was replaced with 'I agree' - yes? But is it a reference to Icons?
Anyway, see this