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Red, black and gold beetle-help with ID please!

Observed: 15th September 2012 By: sarahannebutcher

This red, black and gold beetle ran in front of me across a nature reserve boardwalk in Devon. In the first photo (where it appears to be doing a nose dive)it was using its front legs to clean/scrape its back. The second shot is poor quality but it kept disappearing in and out of the grass growing on the edge of the boardwalk.

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A nice find and well done to

A nice find and well done to get a photo. This is a nationally notable species (Nb). Some info here

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Large velvet ant

Thanks for the link: I had no idea what I'd stumbled across, so it is great to have it ID'd. I go up there often and haven't seen one before but will keep my eyes peeled next time.

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Devon Biodiversity Records

Devon Biodiversity Records Centre might like to be sent this record