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IR trail cameras

Does anyone have any views on the usefulness or infra-red 'trail cameras'? The sort of automatically triggered cameras deployed over night to survey for mammals.

Are they useful for serious survey work or more of a novelty for casual observation?

Any recommendations on which ones to buy it they are useful?




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I have a Bushnell trophy camera it is excellent I got it last Christmas the batteries run for months.I have set it up in the woods were I live and left it for a couple of weeks and got some great night-time video footage of deer foraging,fox,squirrel's, feral cat ect.It can be set as photo or video it also works in daytime too,you can set the timer on the video I have mine on for 60sec shots.They have straps which attach to a tree fence ect but I had a plate fitted to mine so it is screwed to the object instead (harder for someone to pinch) unless they carry a screwdriver,I also bought camouflage tape to make it blend in.They are worth while but cost about £190.If you need further info I can hunt out the instruction and model no for you.It also enables you to observe there natural behaviour too I had some really good shots of a Jackdaw staring into the lens then it's mate did the same they were rather taken with the camera,same with deer too


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I have just had some success I put my camera out on Friday and have got some footage of rabbits ears (not that good) and a fox and two of badgers I will be putting the footage video on Flickr as you cannot with ispot but will get my other half to do stills to put on ispot as I am not very good at that.I did put some nuts and bread out the nuts were all gone,I am off now to get peanut butter and sultanas and set it up again.


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Re: IR trail cameras

Hi David,

Last year Minox loaned me their DTC 500 trail camera, which we then took to on "safari" in Mana Pools in Zimbabwe.

To say that it was brilliant is an understatement, we managed to capture footage (both stills and video) of some animals that I have never personally seen in the wild before.

You can see my full review with the video and sample photos that we captured here: MINOX DTC 500 Trail Camera Review

I am actually going back in a few weeks time and my experience with it means I definitely making space in my bags to take their newer version, the DTC 600.

Hope this helps.

"Chirundu" Jason

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My Trailcam

Me Myself have got a trail cam. It was very useful, as it revealed that I had Badgers, Hedgehogs and Red Foxes visiting my garden. Both the Hedgehog and the Red Fox now live in our garden, the Foxes made an Earth in our compost heap (!) and a Hedgehog sleeps under our shed. We also found out there was a Badger sett in a field down the road!

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My Trailcam

These are now available from Maplins for a mere £80 ; http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/swann-outbackcam-n53kg
Of course I only discovered that after I had paid £150 for one from another shop...

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I think mine was £170 when I got it but everything seem's to drop in price over time.I think there excellent and have mine set up on the barn were I have had an owl box fitted so fingers crossed I get an owl in it


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Price changed?

The link says they are £99.99 today