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V.inanis 2 V.zonaria 0

Observed: 28th August 2012 By: jonmortin
Bristol Regional Environmental Records Centre
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That's the score for my Bristol Volucella records this year.

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Inanis versus zonaria

I have seen quite a few inanis this year, but no zonaria yet down in West Kent. Maybe I am jinxed!


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between 5 and 10, per day, of each, all summer, in north london parks and generally from the olympic stadium well into south herts. I'm a bit baffled as I've assumed everyone else sees them all the time as well. The two flies that could be guaranteed on any hoverfly tour..

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Hmm, interesting! I am really very new to hoverflies, so it could be I am not looking properly, but am very keen to see zonaria of course, and I check every inanis I see, but still no luck. I imagine I could be missing a few, but I honestly don't think they can be as common around me as they are around you. I only get more than a handful of inanis records on the very occasional day - the habitats I go to don't seem very rich perhaps.

It will be interesting to put as many records as possible into the recording scheme to try to get a handle on the distribution of both species and any changes to it!

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