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Observed: 1st September 2012 By: lcf76
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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  • Lichen (unidentified)
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  • Polypores
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I think it's a fungus not a lichen

Hard to tell from photo. However, I think it's a fungus not a lichen.

Lichens are typically slow-growing and quite colourful. While I'm no lichen expert, this just looks like an almost colourless bracket-type fungus fruiting-body, growing out of wood.

I've never seen a lichen growing on bare wood, on live bark and sometimes on previously living bark, yes, but not on dead wood. I suspect that since lichens are very slow growing, that bare wood wouldn't provide a good growing surface because it would change too rapidly. The bark has fallen-off at some stage. The growth has followed the grain in the branch.

As I said, I'm no expert, so I defer to someone who knows more about this.

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This is a fungus (the non-lichenised kind) rather than a lichen.