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Rutting Deers

When do deers start rutting? I think it's around now but I'm not sure. Also do all the British Deers rut in the Autumn?



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Rutting seasons

Hi Matthew
Red and fallow deer both start their rut in September with the peak in October, but roe deer rut July to August with implantation of the egg delayed so that the young are not born until 10 months later.

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Muntjac deer

I also learnt recently that the Muntjac deer(though not native is now well established in southern England)has no rutting season and can mate all year round.

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Rutting Deer

I went to Bradgate Park in Leicestershire and was surrounded by bellowing Stags - really recommend gong somewhere to see it if you can :)

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time of day?

What time of day would be best? I know that dawn and dusk are generally best but is it different for rutting?


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Deer rutting

The whole day I was there, stags were walking up and down bellowing. They were surrounded by hinds and chasing off any males. I did see a pair come close to locking antlers, but it didn't amount to anything. Apparently you have more chance of seeing that in November, but I was really impressed by the bellowing and intensity of it all (some of the Red Deer were huge)!
Here's a link to local deer parks, site also gives advice about not getting too close etc;