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Coastal granite lichen

Observed: 1st August 2012 By: pf339
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Coastal granite lichen i
Coastal granite lichen ii

Crustose lichen with light grey areolate thallus growing on granite wall exposed to the sea. Red-brown apothecia with lighter red brown surround. Some discs appear darker olive brown. Possibly Caloplaca ceracea.


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algal layer in apothecia?

I can believe this is C. ceracea - the thallus doesn't look like typical C. crenularia, but the crucial character is whether there is a continuous algal layer in the apothecia below the hymenium (needs examination of a section under the microscope). Apothecia should take on a greenish-orange colour when wet.

C. crenularia lacks this algal layer and maintains its colour when wet. The apothecia commonly become partially blackened, which must not be confused with an algal layer showing through.

Without this information I don't think it is possible to confirm or deny the suggested identity.


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Algal layer

Thank you for this information. Many thanks.