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Water Lily

Observed: 7th September 2012 By: jonmortin
Bristol Regional Environmental Records Centre
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Nymphaea or Nymphoides?


No identification made yet.

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The usual Nuphar (lutea) and Nymphoides (peltata) are yellow.

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If this flower is a Nymphaea I'll eat my hat!Is this a practical joke?The foliage is definitely Nymphaea but the flower looks more like an Anemone x hybrida thats been placed there deliberately or by accident.
What do others think?
The petal structure is also wrong.

David J Trevan

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I also thought that flower looked wrong, which is why I hadn't made an ID, but I hadn't taken the time to work out why it was wrong.

If the flower is Anemone x hybrida, wouldn't the scale make the water lily the smaller-leaved Nymphoides peltata?

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Sorry to cause such

Sorry to cause such confusion! I have waited all year for the water lily to flower, and that really is the first flower. Although not necessarily connected to the leaves.

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Yes, looks like an anemone

Yes, looks like an anemone sp. flower that has fallen into your pond... I hope your water lily flowers soon / next year.

Kate Hayward

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Mystery solved

I returned to investigate and the flower was gone! There was an Anemone with identical flowers growing in a flowerbed nearby. So Kate was right, someone (not me!) had obviously thrown it into the pond. So congratulations everybody for your forensic expertise. David will also not need to eat his hat.