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Unknown catapillar

Observed: 11th September 2012 By: SnowyGold

Green shading to cyan-green caterpillar. Yellow stripe above legs. Distinct pattern of small black and white spots on dorsal surface. 35mm long. Smooth but segmented 12+ segments with yellow band between segments no hairs. Plump body quite active 16:00

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Thank You for identification

Dear Chris Brooks, Thank you so much for your identification of this caterpillar. I had thought it may be a moth species because it did not fit any of the illustrations I have of Butterfly caterpillars and I didn't have any illustrations of Moth caterpillars, the ones I saw online were not particularly helpful. This is the first time I have used Ispot after hearing about it on Radio 4. I am very impressed with the help and speed of response. I shall try to add more images in the future and if my images are of any use to anyone please feel free to use them.
Thank you and anyone else who confirmed this species once again. Best Wishes - Snowy Gold ( anag. Glyn Woods.)