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Observed: 7th July 2012 By: scottscott’s reputation in Mammals
otter 2
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it looks like an otter with a fish in its mouth but I really have no idea. I didn't realise it was in the photo until I had a look at it so I couldn't watch whatever this was at the time. This was taken at coombe abbey park, Coventry. Any ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I suspect it is a case of pareidolia. A common phenomena with animals only seen in photos. It might have been something as common as a mallard, or even a stump of a tree. The lack of a wake is particularly telling.

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My impressions were first of a duck like a Mallard or secondly a log. Hard to be convinced of anything more definite.

Donald Hobern

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Sorry - I also can't give any ID from the photo.

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Could it still be an otter?

It was raining on the day so I was watching out as much as I do normally. So could this be an otter, as in the photo it appears this object has a pale underside, a pair of black eyes and a longish body with a broad snout at the end of the head.

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My first impression of the

My first impression of the fuzzy image was of a young grebe, and I don't see any reason to change that view, though it may (as suggested above) not even be animate. What is certain is that it is not an Otter.



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