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Perennial Ryegrass?

Observed: 4th August 2012 By: mjk424
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242 m. Ryegrass
241 m Ryegrass
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They also have a distinctly

They also have a distinctly shiny leaf blade.

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Lolium perenne

These spikelets certainly conform to the description given in Cope and Gray (2009, Grasses of the British Isles, BSBI Handbook no. 13 - a really useful guide, by the way!) - in particular with the 'upper glume...0.45 - 0.9 X the length of the spikelet' and 'lemmas...bluntly pointed at the tip, awnless', which together allow exclusion of two other common Lolium species: L. multiflorum (awned) and L. temulentum (darnel - with upper glume relatively longer, often exceeding the length of the spikelet).