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Observed: 13th September 2010 By: km9696
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Worms 001

Long worm, approx 12cm, about pencil thickness with flattened tail, colour reddish, darker before the saddle.
Common in my garden, this one was between two black plastic sacks of compost.

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alternative identification

Nightfly - thanks for this. I had wondered about Black-Headed but thought maybe it was too fat.

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Hi km9696, the colouration is

Hi km9696,

the colouration is quite clear on this one, some Red Headed worms seem to be quite dark and appear very similar to Black headed worms but this blue grey head and grey pink body can only be the Black Headed worm. These are firm muscular worms as compared to all the other species, the common earthworm/lobworm is the largest and is much softer in its make up, a 'waterier' (more fluid)strucrure, if that makes any sense.


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New identification

Hi Cathal
Thanks for this. It's good to get info from an expert

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Oh I wouldnt call myself an

Oh I wouldnt call myself an expert, Ive a bit if an idea about black heads, lobworms, compost worms and dendrobena as I have collected them or bought them for fishing with, but there are others on here who are more knowledgeable. Only today I discovered from the Bugbotherer that the absence of a saddle on another one I had posted meant that it was a juvenile and that without dissection an ID wouldn't be possible:

I have seen the small grey worms and noted from this website that there are several species, I have a lot to learn.

I may have already added this link.


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We're all learning.

Wow, I feel a bit better now as I did know the bit about juveniles - see my observation of 3rd October. I guess we're all learning.
Happy fishing