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changing group

Is there a way to change a submitted observation from one group to another?
I believe that this might be something that could happen often in this but also in other groups.

Example: Change the barnacles from "other organisms" to invertebrates.



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You can edit your own observations

You can change the group for your own observations by editing them. I don't think you can 'fix' other people's observations though. I believe iSpot is meant to have an educational element - as people learn more via comments and other people's observations, they'll be able to amend and update their own observations.


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thank you

Hi Jason,

Thank you for comment. Yep, I understand (and appreciate) the educational value. Was only wondering.

One can enter a revision for someone's identification.
In this revision one can suggest

  • a different scientific and
  • a different common name
  • add one's ID notes
  • and make a statement about how sure one is

. . .but cannot (yet?) suggest a different taxonomic group.

I apologize if my questions sound critical, which they naturally are, but I don't mean "critical" in any negative way .. I am mostly asking how things work, whether certain options are available...
It is very probable that I just don't know yet how they work.

I think this site has a lot of potential!

kind regards

moshira hassan

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I would have thought the only

I would have thought the only group where this may be a problem would be in "other organisms" - the rest of the groups are pretty obvious?

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identification revisions / group change

You are right that most groups are obvious. It is rather unlikely that a mammal is misidentified as a plant.
Confusions do happen though between plants and lichens, between fungi and "other", and between invertebrate "worm", that might turn out to be an amphibian or reptile!

It might not be difficult to adapt the "add a revision" to include a revision of the higher taxon (group). Perhaps it isn't trivial though, because the "Group" is not entered in the identification section but in the

"Observation Groupings"

  • Group
  • Habitat
  • General Tagging

The people at iSpot have quite their handful with people like me coming with "smart ideas", duh!

moshira hassan

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Of course then you have the

Of course then you have the problem that the author might not be subscribed to the "right" group, and would loose they're observation on their pages?

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As things stand what you would have to do is post a comment suggesting that the original observer edits their observation to change it from one group to another - this should be easy for them to do, and any associated comments and identifications will remain attached to the observation. Charlieb is right about the observer needing to be subscribed to the correct group though. We'll have another think about how that is working.


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