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Golden Mullet (Liza aurata)

Observed: 8th September 2012 By: Mark BurgessMark Burgess’s reputation in Fish
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another pic added

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Beautiful mullet pictures, I

Beautiful mullet pictures, I am not really familiar with any of the grey mullet species, havent seen many specimens but one thing which did make me wrongly ID a thick- lipped grey mullet a few years back as a Golden Grey Mullet was the presence of a gold blotch on the gill plate. I was reliably informed that 'thick lipped grey mullet' can have golden blotches also.

This could well be Liza aurata but the presence of the gold spot alone might not make it definite?

It looks superb in the 2nd pic, great colours.


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Admit I wasnt aware of Lisa

Admit I wasnt aware of Lisa aurata, or that thick-l'ds could have same spot; & have found a pretty similar image (of Lisa aurata) at .But checking in Marine Species Identification the thicklip description has "upper lip very deep, equal to about 1/2 eye diameter" but for golden "upper lip thin".
The 1st descripn fits Mark's picture & ID. But I havent found a thck-l'd with a yellow spot (except a faint one in EOL)

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Chris, Going by the info you


Going by the info you have just presented on lip thickness in relation to eye and the similarity of this fish to one I have recorded in images from 2010, I think this is 'Thick Lipped Grey Mullet' (Chelon labrosus).

As refered to above in my older message, a few years ago I thought I had caught the much sought after 'Golden Grey Mullet' (Liza aurata). I thought so as I had caught a grey mullet with a gold spot on the gill plate. More experienced mullet anglers were quick to tell me that as my fish was 4lb, it was unlikely to be Liza aurata which doesnt often grow to that size and that I shouldnt let the presence of a gold spot mislead me. Chelon labrosus also has a gold spot. My fish shows gold spot and thick lip very clearly.

Must go have a look at Liza aurata in your link above to see how it is distinguished.


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Hi Donald and Mark, There is

Hi Donald and Mark,

There is a yellow blotch on the operculum but this occurs on species other than Liza aurata. Donald are there any other features which indicate it is Liza aurata? You might be right, I have agreed Chelon labrosus for now on the thickness of the lip and similarity of this one to what I believe is a Chelon labrosus I recorded in pics just over 2 years ago.


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Sorry for the confusion and

Sorry for the confusion and load of messages- I just shared the 2 pics with a mullet specialist angler who was viewing both Golden Grey and Thick Lipped Grey Mullet swimming together from directly above in shallow water this year (I should add as described before, this man says the presence of a gold spot on he gill plate is the last feature he uses to make an ID of Golden Grey Mullet).

He feels the fish is Golden Grey based on the blueness of the fins, the general build, longer pectoral fins and pointed head. Says the fish are generally lighter in colour.

To demonstrate my reservations on making an ID of Golden Grey based on the gold spot, here is a Thick-lipped Grey Mullet with a gold spot which was much more obvious in natural light. It was dusk and flash was required to get a decent image of the fish:-