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Fool's Parsley ??

Observed: 4th August 2012 By: mjk424
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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169-Fool's Parsley
170- Fool's Parsley

Is this Fool's Parsley (Aethusa cynapium)? The second photo shows the plant from a distance ; it stood about 3ft tall, if that is of any extra help.

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Species with which Hogweed (Heracleum sphondylium) interacts


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Not fool's parsley

It lacks the distinctive bracteoles of Aethusa cynapium.

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Yes, hogweed

I missed the leaf, which is enough to tip the balance.

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Thank you

Thank you very much; I ruled out Hogweed simply because of the size, but there's obviously a lot more details to look for once you know, but I just went on my very limited knowledge, what a fool ( please excuse that terrible pun!)

Thank you to everyone who has been contributing to my observations, I am learning a lot.

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At first glance a lot of these white umbellifers look very similar indeed and they can vary in size depending on where they are growing etc. A shot of the stem and the leaves is always useful for identification.